SQL-DK v0.9

This is improved release but still intended primarily for SW developers and testers (end-users might use it carefully).

  • modes:
    • query now – new option: --sql-in (read SQL statement from standard input instead of CLI parameter)
  • formatters:
    • XML – added: support for (multidimensional) arrays
    • Tabular – added: replace TABs and NBSPs with colored visible symbols
    • Tex – output .tex document for printing
  • configuration listing:
    • formatters – added: class instantiation test
    • JDBC drivers – print list of available drivers
    • JDBC properties – print list of possible and configured options for given database
  • JDBC drivers:
    • loopback driver – convert numbered parameters into a ResultSet
  • released packages
    • source .tar.gz
    • Debian .deb

Please test it, report bugs and suggest improvements!

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