Logging in SQL-DK uses standard Java logging subsystem and thus is fully configurable. This page describes only default behaviour preconfigured in SQL-DK.

Log levels

level description
SEVERE fatal errors
WARNING SQL warnings from database and other warnings
INFO informational messages
FINE verbose messages and stack traces
FINER debug information
FINEST tracing (not used)
ALL pseudolevel, everything

Default level is INFO. Other levels can be specified on command line by setting environmental property:

$ LOG_LEVEL=FINE sql-dk --db …

Or configured persistently:

$ echo '[ -n "$LOG_LEVEL" ] || LOG_LEVEL=FINE' >> ~/.sql-dk/environment.sh

Log output

Log messages are printed in brief and colorful form to the STDERR. They should never mess STDOUT which is dedicated for data (output from Formatter).


By default, the logging subsystem is configured by class info.globalcode.sql.dk.logging.LoggerInitializer and log messages are formatted by info.globalcode.sql.dk.logging.ColorfulConsoleFormatter.

This standard behaviour can be changed by setting different -Djava.util.logging.config.class=… or -Djava.util.logging.config.file=… Java options.

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