Support & contact

SQL-DK was created by Ing. František Kučera a.k.a. <xkucf03/>

You can send me an sql-dk tečka 08r281ft zavináč frantovo tečka cz or follow me online:

My public keys: OpenPGP, x509 (S/MIME), SSH

So crypto…

  • BTC: 1HJPg2UJfPV3CiCEoGHxquc19VCp67zSDn
  • DOGE: DHyJT89JdPCMdc17eB5AU9jFcGzjMFrQV4

Mailing lists

  • sql-dk-dev – currently used for all public communication (including user questions, bug reports etc.)

Please see the Mailing lists rules.

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