Install from sources


For building SQL-DK you will need Java JDK, Mercurial, Ant and Perl. In Debian-like distributions you can install them by:

apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk mercurial ant perl

Downloading sources

$ mkdir SQL-DK
$ cd SQL-DK
$ hg clone
$ cd sql-dk


$ cd java/sql-dk/
$ ant

Running developer build

$ java -jar dist/sql-dk.jar --version
Mercurial: f07f69db2e4d tip
Compiled:  2013-12-28 22:34:29+01:00

Put this into your ~/.sql-dk/ to use your freshly compiled JAR with production wrapper script:



In the SQL-DK/sql-dk/scripts directory there is BASH wrapper for production use: (should be installed as sql-dk).

And there is also Perl generator of Bash completion script: The Bash completion script is generated during Ant build and can be found in: SQL-DK/sql-dk/java/sql-dk/dist/

During SQL-DK runtime are generated Bash completion helper files which contain names of formatters and databases – derived from current configuration. These helper files are automatically loaded (if exist) by the Bash completion script.

Packaging for distributions

Debian/Ubuntu and derivates

There is interim script for building .deb package in SQL-DK/sql-dk/distributions/debian/

TODO: better build script and .deb packaging

Fedora/RedHat/OpenSUSE and derivates

TODO: build .rpm packages

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