SQL-DK is a batch/terminal client for relational databases.

Main features

  • seamlessly integrates SQL into your shell scripts
  • universal – uniform interface for your relational database regardless it is PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL etc.
  • prepared (parametrized) statements – safely pass any data to your DBMS – no more SQL injection
  • supports named parameters, not only ordinal ones; for any DBMS
  • modular design – formatter plug-ins; you can use one of built-in formatters or write your own and get output (result sets, updates results) in any format
  • streaming – results from database are streamed throught chosen formatter to the output – no need to fetch whole result set into memory (thus infinite result sets can be processed)
  • self-documenting – supports introspection (listing of configuration, available options etc.) and Bash Completion; results of introspection are printed through a formatter like any other result set, so they are both human- and machine-readable
  • it is free software!

We promise to fulfill all requirements of the Sane software manifesto before we release the version 1.0:

Sane software manifesto

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